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Prayer Walking


There are numerous intercessory prayer organizations who can be contacted on a continual basis. If you are in need of such a service, we are able to recommend the following:

• Daystar • 1-800-329-0029
• Marilyn Hickey Ministries • 1-888-637-4545
• The 700 Club • 1-800-759-0700


There are times when, in addition to prayer, we need practical advice and information in order to help us handle important life situations. Through this link you will find a directory of the tried-and-true in a variety of organizations and associations: CLICK HERE


A simple description of this practice is that we pray while we're walking. Or walk while we're praying. While both are true, they fail to portray the spirit of intercession and the heart of God's Love for people and places that manifest when prayerwalking. Those aspects become evident to us when we get outside the church walls and look to the needs of our community.

In these times of "praying on site with insight," we can advance righteousness and serve as God's tools here in the earth, to pray earnestly for our region as well as those we encounter and observe. Our eyes inform us of needs and circumstances we cannot ordinarily perceive from the prayer closet, and we can be effectively prayerful for godliness to increase in our towns and cities.

The Living Hope prayerwalkers have been active since 2003, on behalf of our town as well as the wider region of the Cape, moving in a variety of locales under the direction of the Holy Spirit, and receiving back the blessings that only the power of intercession can bring. We find ourselves uniquely challenged as we pray here. It is the very gateway where God’s Word entered to this continent, as the Pilgrims landed first on the Cape before reaching Plymouth Rock.

If you wish to inquire about joining up with any of the prayer team ministries, please CONTACT US.

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