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Contributed by Bill and Jayne Condon

Many may not be aware that Living Hope Family Church in Hyannis has sister churches in the Philippines. To date, there are two churches that carry our name and logo, are under our banner and are sponsored by our church in the Philippines. In addition to preaching the Gospel, they also support twelve (12) students who would not otherwise be able to obtain an education, as each person must pay for all education from kindergarten through college.

The first church is Living Hope Family Church in Dumaguete City. The pastor is Rey Lapping; his wife Novie is deeply involved in the church as well. They minister the gospel to the hopeless poor who are found picking out their living from the city dump; they teach, train and encourage children and adults alike. The Lappings have one adopted child plus four girls from the church who live with them, and two boys from the church who live in a shelter next door to their home. The church is a little smaller than LHFC Hyannis with 100 members.

The second church is LHFC, Bonawon, Siaton, Philippines. This church was planted by LHFC Dumaguete along with several other churches and is to date the only one to have flourished, currently with 46 members.

In addition, both churches do outreach and missions to other towns where they have many people who attend services. At one time there were sister churches in more locations, but the finances were just not available to support the pastors so those areas are now mission outreaches with one of the LHFC Pastors visiting when time and transportation allow.

> UPDATE: Living Hope Family Church, Philippines

Contributed by Rey and Novie Laping

We have much good news to tell you.

Our mission trip was successful although we did not push through to the mountains because it always rains and it's too dangerous to go up there because the roads were muddy. We change our schedule, going there April or May 2006. We diverted our trip to some villages; we had evangelism and we gave clothes to children. After our works in Negros Island, Rey and I, Pastor Neri and his wife Riza went to Ginatilan Cebu, a town that is highly dominated with Roman Catholics and traditional practices. We stayed there for a week. We conducted evangelism in the bus terminal, in the market, and in villages where many drug users live. Other people stopped and listened to the gospel but others just walked away and ignored it. Telling the Good News is our duty-something we must do and these people whose alibis are "always busy", "no time to go to church" need to know more about Jesus Christ. The Mayor gave us the permit and he's happy that we had that activity in his town. We pray that God will send us more workers to open a church there under LHFC's name so that His Word will continually nurture the people who received Jesus Christ.

This quarter together with our brethren in the church agreed to get a 4x4 car for the ministry. Because we always need a ride in all our activities in the church and outreach, and our common problem was where to rent car. And renting a car would only triple our expenses. So we decided to get one and the cheapest car in town is the "Multicab". These are surplus cars from Japan and assembled in the Philippines. It can carry 10 passengers. The cash price is P159, 000.00 ($2,890). But the budget was not enough for the whole amount, so we arranged it through installment basis for a period of one-year. Payment will be made every quarter. The price will now differ; it becomes P199, 000.00 ($3,618). The car registration we have it named under Living Hope Family Church. That vehicle is very useful in the ministry, we also use it every Sunday to pick up some of our brethren in distant places who have a hard time commuting going to church.

Another project keeping us busier now is that, we also have rented a space in Amlan, Negros Oriental, about 30 minutes drive from Dumaguete City. We're going to put up a Pre School, a Church and Bible Training Center there. All these three in one place. It will be the first Pre-School and Bible Training Center of LHFC in the Philippines. We are hoping that Pastor Mike can help us with the teaching materials for the Bible Training Center. The place is spacious, but rental is not expensive. It has wide space for the children's playground and it has large pigpen at the back. We can raise pigs for livelihood and to support the rest of the needs in the ministry. Rey has asked some donations of books from Manila for the pre-school. This pre-school is for FREE, but intended only for indigent families who could not afford to send their children to study in pre-school. This is also one of the best ways of bringing the family to come to God because we're going to require the parents to attend Bible Studies and attend church every Sunday. We are now preparing the place and renovating, our focus is to open it in June next year. We need 2 more teachers to start; Richard and I will also be teaching. But for those two teachers we need to give them love-gift (cash). Books and some school supplies can be taken by donations but we need to buy tables and chairs and other necessary materials/equipments for the school.

I'd like to make it as prayer request to all our brethren there, the same one that is posted in the church, for the needs in the school because this will open in June 2006.

1. A pastor who will handle the church
2. Bring in more indigent children to church and school with their family
3. Students to enroll in Bible Training Center (limited to 20 students only. We need mature dedicated and quality fellow workers to continue the works of God and gather His harvest. There are many people to harvest but only a few workers to help harvest them).
4. Monthly financial assistance for the teachers in BTC and Pre-School
5. 150, 000.00 pesos for 1 Xerox machine, 20 small plastic tables (for children), 80 small plastic chairs (for children), 5 bookshelves, 4 chalkboards, playground (swing, seesaw, little house), toys, some kitchen utensils, 100 chairs for the church, 30 arm-chair for Bible Training Center

As we expand the ministry, although our expenses will surely be getting bigger, we keep our focus FAITH and TRUST in God. For so many years, He has blessed the ministry and us. And with those marvelous blessings we are more encouraged and determined to do these works for His Glory. He is our GREAT PROVIDER.

Pastor Rey and Novie Laping

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