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The 4 members of the Board of Directors for 'Assembléia de Deus da Austrália - Missão Moçambicana' (ADAMM), which is the registered body of the work here in Mozambique.

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Contributed by Caryn Samuell

Mozambique is a country that has experienced hundreds of years of oppression, and a quarter century of devastation, extreme poverty and hopelessness; much of this period was spent in civil war. The people relied on witchdoctors and ancestor spirits for help and support. The soul of the country is dark.

And yet, there are some whose faces are radiant and smiling. Some for whom poverty, illness, destruction and sorrow have no power. What is their secret? Faith in our Lord Jesus Christ and His gift of redemption and eternal life is their secret.

It is truly a miracle in the making to see the villages where Jesus Christ is Lord. The huts are clean, the people are smiling and happy, their gardens prosper and their churches resonate with song. And if trouble comes, they know that they are not alone, that their Father God, His son Jesus and the Holy Spirit are there to help them. Praise God.

The mission group in Mozambique that is supported by Living Hope Family Church is called the 'Assembléia de Deus da Austrália - Missão Moçambicana' (ADAMM), which is the registered body of the work in Mozambique. ADAMM is all about ground breaking ministries that will impact and change this nation. They are not interested in introducing a new program just for the sake of running a new program. Every ministry that they are involved in must impact & change this nation! Their focus is fruit -- righteous Mozambican fruit! Only then will Mozambique experience the redemptive power of God at all levels of society & government!

ITM (Training Institute of Mozambique) is the training arm of ADAMM. It is committed to training up well-taught pastors and to church planting. One of the most exciting things is that Mozambicans who have been trained through ITM are now heading up major ministries under ADAMM. For example, Pastor Guida is the administrator for the Action Child Sponsorship & Kidz Kingdom Centre programs. Pastor Lídia is the Kidslink Mozambique co-ordinator. Pastor Jonas and Pastor Pedro are co-ordinating Kingdom Connections plus all the ITM programs with Robbie Housen, including the administration of all ministries under ADAMM.

All of the teachers at ITM are also ‘home-grown’! Pastor Massamba is a key person in the community projects area, working alongside Benny. ADAMM has definitely come of age and is now reaping the rewards of the ITM program and all of this in just 6 short years! How awesome our God is!

A Remembrance

By Darryl Mather-Pike

ITM was founded by Jeff and Robbie Housen, who hail from Australia and have received support from Living Hope Family Church since its inception in 1995. Friends of our founding pastor Mike Petzer, the Housens have shown themselves to be true servants of the Lord.

Having worked for many years in India, they moved to Mozambique in 2000 to establish a bible school and training facility. Every year they have produced a new crop of highly motivated and well taught students graduating from the three-year training school. Over the past 3 years 17 new churches have been planted. Many of their students have had little or no education; some were even street children. Today these ‘nobodies’ can read and write, have computer and building skills, sound biblical knowledge and hearts that are filled with a love and zeal for the Lord and for His kingdom. In 2004 Jeff returned to Australia for what should have been a simple operation, a detached retina. A few weeks later he died and a great general was lost to the kingdom of God. Robbie, in the true spirit of missions has returned to Mozambique to continue the work they started, and is prospering in ever more fruitful ministry. We at Living Hope salute her and we are proud to support the work they have accomplished there.

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