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These ministries of service to the body represent the life blood of our church, allowing us to be connected as a real family in a real world.

The Pastor, with the support of his wife and the elders, provides biblically-based counseling for members who are experiencing times of trial, testing, suffering, loss or confusion, or are maybe just overwhelmed and in need of a listening ear and encouraging, clarifying word. Living Hope brings compassion into action with visits and support for those who are ill, hospitalized, home bound, in need of a meal or just simple companionship.

Teams of active, corporate intercessors as well as individuals whose hearts are prompted in prayer lend themselves to pray for the church, its members and families, our community, region, country and believers everywhere. Periodic testimonies and tangible evidences of answered prayer bring wonderful encouragement to the whole body. The ever-growing worship team is committed to rehearsal and service, in order to lead the congregation completely and consistently in a united, worshipful experience.

The Servants of Kindness ministry concept grew as a way to embrace all of the local and community-level outreaches of the church. It has meant cleaning up roadside trash in our neighborhood, offering a stranger in a shopping center a cool drink on a hot day or a cheerful flower on Mother's Day; the provision of a venue for the Project Bread children's feeding program, and the organization of a Harvest Festival for the community to enjoy. The Servants of Kindness, many of whom function within other ministries, are always eager to demonstrate the Love of God in practical ways.


The only requirement here is having a “heart to serve” one another within the body of Christ, through meeting daily needs: spiritual, physical or a combination of both. It could be a ride in the car to a beautiful vista or a ride to an appointment; quiet words of encouragement or fervent prayer for an immediate need; an ice cream trip, or sharing a nourishing meal together. Sometimes we imagine that we will not be able to meet the needs ourselves, but the Lord always brings forth an abundant supply of whatever is required when we depend on Him and are faithful to step out. We have shared many beautiful times and it is greatly satisfying to see the Holy Spirit bring a person into joy through a simple visit.


Communion Table

The honor of preparing the Communion Table is a true joy and one that I could not have imagined before I began to serve in this area. The preparation is done prayerfully with the assistance of those who help me. This time leads into its own exaltation of God Almighty as I realize how His Anointing will soon be flowing forth to all who partake.




This is an area where the grace of God is evident as diverse spiritual backgrounds work together to move in one accord. As overcomers in Christ, intercessors lift prayer as a team in a weekly early morning meeting, during periodic prayerwalks and specific imperatives, and through a monthly ‘Harp-&-Bowl’ type worship and prayer service. Prayer is lifted on a regular basis for written, email and telephone requests; fasting is practiced individually and by teams, and a life group studying prayer is newly initiated in the autumn of 2005.

Music Ministry

The opportunity to utilize our musical gifts and skills and to grow together as a team in order to present our best and highest worship to the Lord is a great one. Practice very early on Sunday morning reminds us all of the need for diligence in order to present ourselves for worship ministry. The willingness of the congregation to press in and ‘go vertical’ in worship is of course an inspiration to us and helps develop unity out of a diversity of musical styles and approaches.

Servants of Kindness

Servants of Kindness? It is a ministry which seeks to preach the gospel and to demonstrate the love of God through ‘well aimed’ acts of kindness. It is a grass roots ministry, attempting to give congregation members the opportunity to be involved in meaningful outreach within our local community. Our first project was handing out free cold sodas and a card containing the church’s details in several Hyannis locations. Unfortunately the spring weather was not in our favor (thank you, Cape Cod) and the day was bitterly cold. Pedestrians obliged us and took their free sodas with looks of ‘you got to be kidding.’ Another project that has been good for the church has been the walks through our local residential area picking up roadside trash. Our presence has been noted by the locals and we have had occasional opportunity to talk to folk. In 2004, the team put together the Harvest Festival. The idea was to provide an alternative to Halloween and included free sodas, popcorn, candy, games, jumping castle etc.; the event was well attended by the community and reported on favorably in the press. The continuing work of these Servants holds great potential for reaching our community.

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