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:: LIFE GROUPS (Part 1 of 2)

In the context of the life group, our Christian beliefs are reflected in a real way, through the building and strengthening of relationship. We meet together as peers and develop into extended families as we renovate our lifestyles to reflect the way of the Lord, and to demonstrate His Love to one another. New life groups are always in formation; these are among the longest-running ones.

Men's Ministry

Sometimes in our demanding lives, being providers, husbands, fathers, brothers and friends, it’s easy to let our spirit man take a back seat, with that old “I’ll get right back to You, God” line that never develops into action. In this ministry we provide strong encouragement for the brethren so we can experience the increasing power of God directly in our circumstances. We hold monthly breakfast meetings, where we occasionally host a guest speaker -- and also a men’s night out. We are developing mightily, ‘as iron sharpens iron,’ and look forward to every opportunity to build each other up and to serve people who need our help.

Women's Ministry

Women's Ministry

"Most of all let love guide your life, for the whole church will stay together in perfect harmony." Colossians 3:1

We have a need as Christian women to keep a proper balance of activities in our lives. We must pay attention to the needs of our family, maintain our home, volunteer in the community, and work in the marketplace. But we must never get too busy attending to things in the natural that we neglect to immerse ourselves in God. The format for our weekly meetings, which rotate regularly between the homes of four of our members, seems to draw us into ever increasing closeness of fellowship. We share our latest news and provide one another with loving support and scripturally-based counsel. We each take a turn sharing a topic that the Lord has placed on our hearts, to teach and encourage. The laughter we enjoy and the unity that grows among us as we move together in times of heartfelt prayer are precious. Our monthly events range from theatre parties to high teas to historical mystery tours, and will continue to be innovative and uplifting as we work together to develop in godly love.

Tuesday Morning Bible Study

The hunger to know God's Word in greater depth draws those who gather in our home to sit in relaxed and focused study together. We experience a sweet time of worship to begin, and then enjoy teaching that leads us deeper into Bible study in this very intimate group fellowship. Individual experiences are often shared to illustrate or emphasize the current theme, book of scripture or subject, ever reminding us of God's faithfulness to instruct us to victory in every area through His Word.

Christian Recovery

Whether a person's chief defeats in the battles of life have come through addiction, abuse, relational problems, emotional and/or mental health challenges, homelessness or just plain "stinkin' thinking," the recovery process is a road best walked in close fellowship and accountability partnerships. Our weekly Thursday night meeting draws its framework from the step programs but maintains Jesus as its center, and personal desire to grow in relationship with Him as its requirement. Contribution to the dinner meal preparation and 'testimonial' style revolving chairmanship of the meeting help to build us up as we share candidly about our experience, strength and hope in a strictly confidential environment. Visitors are always welcome.

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