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:: LIFE GROUPS (Part 2 of 2)

The Alpha Course

As promised, this course truly is an opportunity to explore the meaning of life, and the fundamentals of the Christian faith. The 10-week series of talks, open to adults of all ages, is run at the nearby Salvation Army Worship and Service center. A full dinner is followed by an engaging, exciting video talk geared for the pre-believer, the new believer and the thoughtfully curious. A wide-ranging discussion then covers participants’ questions and incorporates learning and laughter in a relaxed, fun atmosphere. There is no charge for the course although contributions are accepted. An excellent selection of books is available for purchase, including topics like ‘Who Is Jesus,’ ‘Why and How do I Pray?’ ‘How Can I Resist Evil?’ and ‘Why and How Should I Tell Others?’ The course provides an extraordinary opportunity for service and growth, in ministry to others and in maturation of our faith.

Women's Ministry

The Twelve Steps for Christians: A Journey to Recovery

This life group revolves around a course which runs in the winter and is patterned on the step structure developed by AA. The goal is to provide guidelines for a Christian’s progressive recovery from a full range of life’s problematic issues. Who needs recovery? Everyone, without exception. You may not be addicted to, or a daily user of, alcohol or drugs, but to say that you are without hurts, habits, hang-ups or sin is to deceive yourself. The condition you wrestle with could relate to overspending, overworking, overeating, gambling, gossip, pride, divorce or any one of a number of choices from a nearly endless list. These are real issues that every human being struggles with, some more than others.
In this group, the steps in the process to recovery include submission, conversion, confession, repentance, amends, maintenance, prayer and ministry. The process brings scriptural light to the truths of who we are, how we handle what we’ve been through, and ways we can mature into our destinies. Strong fellowship grows as believers support one another through the process in a confidential environment.

In weekly meetings, the full group considers the essentials of the step being worked; reviews homework and reading assignments, and discusses challenges. Two smaller groups of men and women then form to offer testimony and interaction on a more intimate level. The course follows The Twelve Steps for Christians and utilizes The Life Recovery Bible.

Upper Room Prayer Study Group

This home group learns about prayer through Bible study, messages, devotions, themed focus, discussion and application. The meeting format includes members’ testimonies of their experience, growth and expectation for strengthening their prayer lives. Topics have included prayerlessness and its effects; praying properly; asking God for prayer strategies; examining Bible prayers; the praying of God’s Word; removing doubt; committing God’s Word to our hearts, and growing into the God kind of faith in prayer.

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