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Without our helps ministries our church just wouldn’t seem like home, and it certainly wouldn’t function very well. Helps includes the ushers who help guide our sanctuary seating; the hospitality volunteers who procure and prepare our refreshments and tidy up after us; the greeters who extend their hands and hugs to welcome our arrival; the organizers who order, display, inventory and manage the book and tape sales table; the organizers who administer our business and financial matters, and the coordinators who oversee the important details of our special events.


It’s a privilege to be the first to extend a smile or hug to the people as they come in the front door at Living Hope on Sundays and on special ministry occasions. You never know what someone’s going through, and your love extended in a sincere welcome could make a difference. We do our best to remember that and to be worthy ambassadors for our Lord as we serve in this ministry.


It's easy to think of this ministry as being just about the food or snacks, or setting up or cleaning up after the Sunday service. Yet this Ministry gives its volunteers a chance to serve not only the congregation but to serve the Lord. The current ministry team consists of approximately 12 individuals who have developed a close relationship in working with one another on a rotating basis. We have fun, fellowship and we look for opportunities to be especially welcoming to new visitors.


The range of events that are produced by our congregation and sister churches is exciting. From an outreach barbeque or movie night to a Resurrection Celebration Seder Dinner or dramatic presentation, there are singular opportunities to marshal the God-given talents of our team of volunteers. We are blessed by the superb results of believers working together in unity. The strength of relationships that develop among a given team is both fruitful and highly satisfying.



The multiple tasks required in these positions include the essential areas of sanctuary seating, the taking of offerings, distribution of communion, support of altar ministry and supervision of parking and security matters. A good spot to exhibit ‘grace under fire,’ ushers have to withstand the possibility of disapproval as they fulfill their commitments. Drawing from the wisdom of God’s word is good preparation for the challenge of keeping the love of Christ foremost as we fulfill our duties.

Book & Tape Sales

It is great to see people who are hungry to learn more about God and His ways, which is clear when they come to the book table looking for a special title or the right material for a friend who is searching. It is a challenge to keep current with what is new and still make some of the classics available. We always have great titles on sale. I really enjoy talking with our visitors and overcoming the limitations of small space, and am always hopeful that even more people will take advantage of this precious resource.

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Our Desire is to Guide All People into the Knowledge and Love of Jesus Christ