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Living Hope truly is a family friendly environment, and our children are an integral part of church life. The nursery is managed by members who are experienced and gifted in the care of little ones, from newborn to age five.

Young Explorers

It is a privilege to work with the Young Explorers, who are ages 6 – 10 years. The whole team of 12 teachers all collaborate together as we plan our work based on the chosen curriculum, taking care to develop exciting activities that still remain within our budget. The creativity within the team is awesome, but the results within the children just bring immeasurable joy. They grow and respond so quickly when the truths of God’s word are revealed to them, and in short spans of time we can see them beginning to minister to each other, and to share the Gospel with newcomers.

Super Church

For young people between the ages of 10-12, often a dual mission needs to be addressed. Sometimes the children are well grounded in the gospel, familiar with the Bible and the basic concepts for living right in God’s eyes. Sometimes not – they’ve just been saved or are still struggling with their decision to have a faith walk. Our materials are selected based on what will confirm the truth to them in real ways. We want to help encourage and support their faith, all the while keeping things exciting and inspiring. It’s a challenge that has great rewards.


:: V.I.P.'s

Creative Services, Housekeeping, Tape Duplication, Overheads, Maintenance, and Sports Coordination

These areas always merit higher recognition than they usually receive, since their importance to our experience as a church is so significant. If we can imagine trying to sing in worship without seeing the lyrics on the overheads, or producing a poster without artwork, or being unable to get an audio tape copy of that most recent stirring message, we can begin to imagine the sad idea of church without our V.I.P.’s!

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Our Desire is to Guide All People into the Knowledge and Love of Jesus Christ