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We’d like you to know who we are as a church, what we believe as a body, what our mission, vision and purpose are. Here we acknowledge our roots by offering a brief history.


In July 1995 Pastor Mike Petzer and his wife Jane started LHFC in a carpet warehouse behind a bank near the Airport Rotary in Hyannis. The first service was held on Sunday, October 1, 1995. The place was "packed" with well wishers -- around 40 people. The next Sunday a reality check was taken -- just 12 adults and 4 children, which included the 4 members of the Petzer family.

In June of 1996, having experienced some growth, the search for a better venue began, one that at least had windows. (The warehouse had come to be known as the "yellow submarine.") The location at 46 Mitchell's Way in Hyannis was found and came together well as a church. By this time the congregation was around 50 people but in the next 3 months it quickly grew to over 100 people, plus 60 children.

It was time to get more help by expanding our pastoral ministry team. Pastor Darryl Mather-Pike and his family arrived from Zimbabwe in June 1998 and joined the ministry staff as associate pastor and worship leader.

Then in January of 2001, Pastor Mike and his family moved to Tucson Arizona and Pastor Darryl and Janine took over the lead. Fifteen months later, in May of 2002, they were joined by Erik and Tami Eskelund as co-pastors and worship leaders. Over the years we have seen the Lord at work at Living Hope. Many have been saved from a life of sin and brought into an understanding and knowledge of God’s gifts of love, grace and righteousness through our Lord Jesus Christ. Many have received miraculous healing in their bodies. Many have had their marriages, minds, emotions and relationships healed and restored by the power of His name. To God be the Glory.

In January, 2006, a transition took place as Senior Pastor Darryl Mather-Pike officially handed over leadership of the church to Pastor Erik Eskelund. The Mather-Pikes continue their affiliation with Living Hope by serving as full-time missionaries in South Africa.


A Purpose & A Mission

Our purpose is to know, worship and obey God according to the Scriptures.

Our mission is to reach the unsaved with the gospel, to teach God's people, through His word, to live lives that honor Him, and then to release them into ministry.

Our Vision Statement:

To guide all people to the knowledge and love of Jesus Christ.

In order to fulfill our vision we aim to be:

1. A Beacon: To be the light of Christ to all people, demonstrating God's unconditional love, truth, and grace through compassionate, friendship based ministries.

2. A Home: To be a family of Bible-based, Spirit-filled believers, who express God's presence in a welcoming environment that nurtures trusting, supportive friendships.

3. A Hospital: To be an instrument of God's love and hope that brings comfort, healing, restoration, and renewal to the spirit, soul and body.

4. A School: To be a center of spiritual teaching which equips believers for the life application of the Word, the development of their spiritual gifts and the serving of God's purpose.

5. An Army: To be a body of believers submitted to Christ and empowered by the Holy Spirit, committed to advancing the gospel and liberating all from the hand of satan.

6. A Center: To be a gathering place for believers to worship God with their whole hearts; with raised hands and voices declaring the praise and goodness of our God.

(For our full Doctrine as a downloadable document, CLICK HERE)

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Our Desire is to Guide All People into the Knowledge and Love of Jesus Christ